Beowulf: Behold the Man

Ha, you thought I was going to talk about the movie!

No, much better–W.W. Norton has just published a new, illustrated edition of Beowulf! You think you’ve heard about swords, and heroes, and fire-breathing dragons, and friendship, and glory, and treasure, just ’cause you’ve read those Potter books? C’mere, boys, let me tell you a tale…

photoA Primal Story

Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition
John D. Niles Seamus Heaney
W. W. Norton 2007-11-05

Can courage, loyalty, generosity & strength make a haven against all life’s monsters? And can that haven last? Heaney gives us the words, and Niles shows us the world that was.

hReview by CircleReader , 2007/11/17stars

Cover of Monsters and Meaning

John Gardner
Vintage 1989-05-14
Average Amazon Review star
starA riveting and hilarious revisiting of the old epic
starGrendel a unique character
starPoor, not so misunderstood monster

“I have not committed the ultimate act of nihilism: I have not killed the queen.”

hReview by CircleReader , 2007/11/17stars

photoA picture may be worth a thousand words…

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation (Bilingual Edition) 

Seamus Heaney
W. W. Norton & Company 2001-02
Average Review star
starBeowulf – The Ultimate Hero
starThe definitive translation
starMasterful revitalization of an ancient text
starDeep insight into the soul of the Dark Ages.

…but this is the version for the word-obsessed. Beautiful typography, beautiful layout, the Old English tongue there to touch on the living page, and a modern master poet as your host. Exquisite.

hReview by CircleReader , 2007/11/18stars

photo Beowulf: Hearing is Believing

Beowulf: The Complete Story: A Drama (an audio book) 

Norman Gilliland and Dick Ringler
University of Wisconsin Press 2006-08-31
Average Review star
starWhy Beowulf is great literature

This tale was not, after all, intended to be read, but to be sung and dramatized to a living audience. We saw part of this performed at the 2006 Wisconsin Book Festival, and it was completely amazing – solemn, exciting, beautiful, and grotesque all at once. Genius! UPDATE: You can listen to it here!

hReview by CircleReader , 2007/11/17stars

photo Now all you need is a harp and some raw chicken for sound effects…

Beowulf: A New Translation for Oral Delivery 

Dick Ringler
Hackett Pub Co Inc 2007-09-07

…and you can perform this epic for your friends and family.

hReview by CircleReader , 2007/11/17stars



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