Revising the Story of the First Thanksgiving

how can we receive the gifts history offers and use them to practice moral reflection, rather than judgement? Here’s the story we read as part of our celebration of an American Thanksgiving with church family and strangers from other shores.


The First Thanksgiving: Eight Lessons for Learning from History

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Putting together a coherent story from evidence is hard work. No wonder we reach for story first and evidence after, unless the discipline of History can teach us better habits!


A National Day of Listening

Only connect. Don’t let the mundane stand in the way. Make the time. Be curious and honest, and keep an open heart. Find others to encourage and support you in this practice. It’s simple, but it can mean the world.


The Science of Giving Thanks

In short, acts of gratitude improve your overall well-being. That?s reason enough for me to start being more thankful for what I have.


A Thanksgiving Tale from Alice’s Restaurant

There were people singing this song together who, politically, had nothing in common and probably wouldn’t have talked to each other…. It’s just the story of a little guy against a big world. It’s not so much an anti-war song as a song against stupidity…