Math Against Tyranny — Understanding the Electoral College

“Experts, scholars, deep thinkers could make errors on electoral reform,” Alan Natapoff decided, “but nine-year-olds could explain to a Martian why the Yankees lost in 1960, and why it was right. And both have the same underlying abstract principle.”


The Good Book at the Olympic Games

Because cultural and academic leaders in China are seeking to understand the influence of the Bible on the worldview and culture of the West, there is a growing interest in Chinese-English bilingual Bibles in mainland China…”What a wonderful thing it would be if thousands of people would learn English?and Chinese!?by reading the Bible in side-by-side bilingual editions.?


Shakespeare Covers the Superbowl

Will “the dauntless Brady” meet his match in Eli “yet more Manning than man?” The Bard’s Play, from NPR.