The Good Book at the Olympic Games

Because cultural and academic leaders in China are seeking to understand the influence of the Bible on the worldview and culture of the West, there is a growing interest in Chinese-English bilingual Bibles in mainland China…”What a wonderful thing it would be if thousands of people would learn English?and Chinese!?by reading the Bible in side-by-side bilingual editions.?

Camp Is Where the Heart Is

Summer camp is not really about recreation, but about learning the practices of the group–not affluenza, but apprenticeship. For me, Covenant Point was where I learned to love creation and its Lord, and to see his character and presence in the counselors & campers there. So I asked our boys, “At each of these camps, what did you learn? What did you practice?”

On Manifestoes

So here are some manifestos of the present day on books, education, faith, and civic life. Though their weight for good or ill, for much or little, is as yet unknown, these are some of the words that will shepherd us into our shared future.

Want a Bestseller? Write About God…or Something…

Taken with my smudgy phone camera on my way through our local big-chain bookstore. What a menagerie! Pictured: A New Earth Eckhart Tolle’s popular Easternish mystic self-help catechism. The Shack Written by William P. Young and recommended by everyone I know, and their cousin. No less than Eugene Peterson, for crying out loud, compares this […]

Arranging a Memorial Service for Dr. King

April 7th, 1968: “You can’t have it here,” the man snapped at my father as we walked toward his study at the church on Sunday morning. “This is our church, and you cannot have it here. This ain’t your church, Vernon, this is our church. And I am telling you right now, you ain’t having no Martin Luther King service in our church…You can’t have a church full of niggers in here. This is our church.”

“The last time I checked, it was God’s church,” my father replied…

Reading the Foundations of Religious Freedom

Kenneth Jackson, writing in the New York Times, commemorates the 350th anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance, written in 1657 by Edward Hart and his fellow Flushing, New York, citizens to protest the public torture of a Quaker preacher and the fining and imprisonment of non-Quakers who allowed them to meet in their homes. Jackson notes […]