Better Widgets with Science!

WordPress version 2.8 was released earlier this month, and whether the developers actually read them or not, I’m glad that they seem to have implemented my suggestions for a cognitive science-based redesign for WordPress Widgets. In WordPress 2.5 Widgets: Taking the Load Off Your Mind, I argued that what a user sees on the back […]

Teach Them to Read and Let Them Go!

Having conventional life stages mapped out is comforting–we know what we are supposed do and when; but what if life doesn’t always fit in a box? Or what if, as recent developmental research implies, there is no box?

Total Recall

Wired magazine has published a profile of Piotr Wozniak, developer of Super Memo, who has figured out how to remember everything you’ll ever learn. Ironically enough, the author refers to an article I remember reading when it came out in American Psychologist: “The Spacing Effect: A Case Study in the Failure to Apply the Results […]

WordPress 2.5 Widgets: Taking the Load Off Your Mind

or, GUI Psychology

WordPress, the free and open-source software that runs this site, has recently been the victim of a major upgrade. We can draw on educational psychology to help us understand where the redesign fails, and how we might do better.