We’re All Home Schoolers

Today’s homes are if anything even more important in the educational ecosystem of most Americans.


Homeschool Moments: Dishing Out BOF, Dealing with Prejudice

Overcoming prejudice and distrust is not a one-time attitude adjustment, but a continuing journey in the company of people who are not like us, but who may become our civic friends. Such a strategy might go a long way toward more important goals: building a supportive environment for homeschoolers, and reinvigorating the varied practices of education & learning in America today.


Total Recall

Wired magazine has published a profile of Piotr Wozniak, developer of Super Memo, who has figured out how to remember everything you’ll ever learn. Ironically enough, the author refers to an article I remember reading when it came out in American Psychologist: “The Spacing Effect: A Case Study in the Failure to Apply the Results […]