Homeschool Moments: Dishing Out BOF, Dealing with Prejudice

Overcoming prejudice and distrust is not a one-time attitude adjustment, but a continuing journey in the company of people who are not like us, but who may become our civic friends. Such a strategy might go a long way toward more important goals: building a supportive environment for homeschoolers, and reinvigorating the varied practices of education & learning in America today.

On Manifestoes

So here are some manifestos of the present day on books, education, faith, and civic life. Though their weight for good or ill, for much or little, is as yet unknown, these are some of the words that will shepherd us into our shared future.

Total Recall

Wired magazine has published a profile of Piotr Wozniak, developer of Super Memo, who has figured out how to remember everything you’ll ever learn. Ironically enough, the author refers to an article I remember reading when it came out in American Psychologist: “The Spacing Effect: A Case Study in the Failure to Apply the Results […]