Essential and Subversive: Parents in Education

However beneficial we understand parent involvement in education to be, the system we have is not integrated, but segregated.


Teach Them to Read and Let Them Go!

Having conventional life stages mapped out is comforting–we know what we are supposed do and when; but what if life doesn’t always fit in a box? Or what if, as recent developmental research implies, there is no box?


The Learning Lifestyle and the Web of Ideas

Find the secret key to learning at Janice Campbell: The Overstuffed School Schedule vs. The Learning Lifestyle:

Over time, I learned that we could study any number of topics without weariness if we did two essential things…

While you’re there, take time to follow the link to The Core Curriculum Teaches Connections


Of Lists and Learning

At their best, the lists are intended to be guiding abstractions of something deeper and much more complex than any list: the collected wisdom and practice of a whole community, whether of mathematicians, writers, historians, or scientists. That knowledge is fully present only in the community itself, and distilling it into a list is a deeply self-reflective exercise for practitioners in any field of human activity.