Our first Reading Circle!

Kriss over at Circle M Farm suggested Having Faith after reading author Sandra Steingraber’s earlier book, Living Downstream. We’ll be reading it together beginning in January, 2008, with Nicole Five Pennies as our host.

So go look up Kris’ wonderful invitation to read together, get your copy (the little blue box by the title will let you find it at Amazon, your local Book Sense bookseller, or your local World Cat library) and come back here on January 27th, 2008 to join the conversation!

photoStrong Science & Breathtaking Beauty

Having Faith: An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood
Sandra Steingraber
Average Review star
starAn uncommon telling of a common story
starA captivating and informative read
starMUST READ!!!!!

A practical, personal exploration of new motherhood shaped by scientific literacy, moral passion, and gorgeous prose.

hReview by CircleReader, 2008/01/15 stars

For more information about the book (including excerpts!), and about how this blog-empowered book club is supposed to work, visit the homepage for our Having Faith Reading Circle!



  1. wow! Nice new look on the site. I love the color scheme – soothing and smart.

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