Writing Tips from Hobgoblins, Pandas, and Doves

The fantastically helpful Janice Campbell has reviewed Miss Thistlebottom’s Hobgoblins: The Careful Writer’s Guide to the Taboos, Bugbears, and Outmoded Rules of English Usage; Lynn Truss’ (or is that Truss’s?) aggressive panda is back for the kids in Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!, and from his first year English teacher’s desk in Seoul, South Korea, Justin Tadlock gets acrostic in D is for dangerously diving doves.

Laugh & learn!



  1. I just wanted to say thanks for throwing my link out there. I’m enjoying writing the series. I hope you stay tuned for the rest of the ABCs of writing series. I’ll release Part E fairly soon.

    • You’re welcome! We’ll be reading…

      (I’ve been an English teacher myself, BTW, and I think the Panda book and related titles might be as much fun for an ESL class as for kids.)

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