Teach Your Children Well

Crunchy Con Rod Dreher takes up the challenge of The American Scene’s Noah Millman in explaining The Iraq War for Kids:

How, in narrative terms, would you explain the Iraq war? On the assumption that you didn’t want to say either that, “Iraq is only one front in World War IV, the global struggle against Islamofascism” or “We went to war so the President could get back at the guy who tried to kill his dad, make money for his buddies in the oil business, and protect Israel.”


One of the things that I have enjoyed about raising and teaching my own kids is the way it has challenged me to explain complex, controversial things to them with integrity, i.e., as wisely and well to them as I can, avoiding propaganda while giving due respect for the different points of view that are out there. I often end up understanding my own opinions better, because I want to have respectable response for them.

But can I put this one in the back of the line for a few weeks, while we tackle nuclear weapons, evolution, and sex ed?


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