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There are at least 793 MILLION people in the world today who cannot read; of those, about 539 million are women. LitWorld seeks to change that by using stories to support experiences of reading & writing among the world’s most vulnerable children, in ways that connect & strengthen the communities in which they live.

All over the world, children are hungry for learning and for the power it brings. Research shows that children learn to read and write best by writing and telling the stories of their own experiences. Yet it is rare to find safe spaces where children feel fully comfortable to do so.

Reading & Writing is for everyone!So teaching children to read involves more than giving them books.1 It involves finding a place for reading & literacy in the life of the community. LitWorld provides books to children, but they also organize reading clubs for boys, girls, and moms, and training teachers & parents with a well-developed approach to teaching literacy, seeking to “equip local communities to lead children into a new era in which everyone has the right to read and write.”

The LitWorld Story

On March 7, 2012, LitWorld will sponsor the third annual World Read Aloud Day, and they are hoping to reach at least a million people to help support a global literacy movement. How can you participate? First, by reading aloud with people in your community! You can also display the WRAD badge on your Facebook profile, join in a video chat with celebrated authors, donate $10 to the completely awesome Lit! Project, or start a Moms for LitWorld Chapter in your community. Together, we can make reading & writing together the heritage of every community on Earth!

  1. Though mere access to books can make a difference, too!

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