Firefox 3: How to Surf the Web

Download Day 2008

I’ve been using the open-source Firefox web browser since 2003, when a techie friend (thanks, Rocky!) emailed our church list to suggest it as a less virus-vulnerable alternative to the standard Microsoft mess.

That makes me an internet expert 😉 –and since I know everything there is to know, I thought I’d write you this handy guide:

    Web Surfing 101: #

  1. Sign up for Download Day, 2008.
  2. Receive email when Firefox 3 is officially released sometime this June.
  3. Download your new web browser, automatically transferring all your settings and bookmarks from your old browser.
  4. Help a bunch of volunteers working for love on a project started by a teenagerwho wanted to help out his mom take market-share away from a monopoly-loving corporate behemoth.
  5. (While you’re at it, set a Guinness world record.)
  6. Customize your Firefox browser with Add-On’s (also made for love by the Firefox community)

If you don’t find yourself inclined toward the Firefox religion, there are other ways to browse happy. (It’s even rumored that Internet Explorer 8 actually works. But I don’t think it blocks the schmutz.)


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