About Reading Circle Books

Please be patient as this site (& my own comprehension of it) is under construction!

Reading to learn together

Reading Circle Books is intended to be a place for people who like to read & learn together with fellow-readers of all ages. We may often read in solitude, but ideas and expressions, like books and people, are formed in relationship and live by interaction. This is my place for exploring some of what follows from that: the nature of family & community literacy, what it means to be an expert, what it means to be a learner, and what happens when we take responsibility for the learning that we do for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Reading Circle Books will showcase things in which I take delight as a learner and a homeschooling parent, and occasionally host Reading Circles, which will take a close look at a specific books, and can be a forum for study groups and book clubs. And if some day this website evolves into a bookstore, wonderful!

So look around, find something that interests you, and join the conversation!

About the author:

Andrew WetzelYour host on this website is me, Andrew Wetzel, who sometimes goes by the online handle CircleReader. A person doesn’t fit on an “About” page, but I think I can at least say that I am human first, and after that a curious, Christian parent, and my writing reflects these roots. Following that curiosity,  I taught English & algebra in the Chicago Public Schools for a decade, and am the father of five great homeschooled kids and the husband of their wonderful mom, Nicole. If you need more than that, you’ll just have to read me for yourself.